miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016




1.      What's your name?
2.      How old are you?
3.      When's your birthday?
4.      How many brothers and sisters have you got?
5.      Where are you from?
6.      Where do you live?
7.      What´s the weather like today?
8.      What day is it today?
9.      Are you Spanish?
10.    What´s your favourite colour/sport/number/clothes/month/day…?
11.    What colour is your book?
12.    What´s your address?
13.    Do you like listening to music?
14.    What's your father's name?
15.    What's your mother's name?
16.    Are you a boy?
17.    Are you a girl?
18.    What colour are your eyes?
19.    What colour is your hair?
20.    Do you like studying?
21.    Have you got long blond hair?
22.    Can you play the piano?
23.    What are you wearing?
24.    What are you doing?
25.    How are you?
26.    What sport do you like?
27.    What's your favourite subject?
28.    What do you do at weekend?
29.    Do you live in Seville?
30.    Where are you?
31.    What time do you get up?
32.    Where can I buy lemons?
33.    What can I buy at the butcher´s?
34.    Have you got a microware?
35.    What´s your surname?
36.    Where does your best friend live?
37.    How tall are you?
38.    What do you do in your free time?
39.    Do you like to go to the dentist?
40.    What do you have for lunch?
41.    Who´s older than you in your class?
42.    Have you got a snake?
43.    Do you like bats?
44.    What time is it?
45.    Is there a TV at school?
46.    What do you have for breakfast?
47.    What date is it today?
48.    What time do you start school?
49.    What time do you finish school?
50.    How do you go to school?